Become Famous: Own Cityism

Cityism is Looking for a New Owner
Could it be YOU???

Owner and creator, Keely Morgan, is retiring from the board game business. But Cityism is too great a product to ride off into the sunset with her.

Cityism is FREE to a good home!

Here’s how you can put in your pitch to own the game and the business, and pay nothing for it. .

The new owner will receive existing inventory, a website, and intellectual property including trivia question database, activity cards, and Weird Cards, which are all part of the game.

game board, box, trivia cards and weird crads

game board, box, trivia cards and weird crads

To become the new owner of Cityism, just answer three questions, and if selected for an in-person conversation, convince Morgan and her panel of Austinites that you’re the best fit for Cityism. The three questions are:

1. Why do you want to own Cityism?

2. What do you plan to do with Cityism (no need for a full business plan, just a general idea of how you would revive and grow the brand)?

3. What is your favorite thing about Austin?

Make your answers detailed enough to express your ideas, but not too long. Morgan suggests no more than 500 words total. Submit your proposal, by email, along with your name, address, phone number and email address to

Good Luck!